15 Baking Soda Tips and Tricks That Will Save You a Headache

The powder that can be found in any household in the world. These tips will make it seem like magic, along with saving you a couple dollars if you follow them.

A lot of products that men and women use to make themselves look more presentable actually do their job well. They really do. However, you need to be aware of the side-effects that come with using these products. Chemical and otherwise harmful, the cure to your worries might be lying in your kitchen cabinet right now.

Baking soda is used as a rising agent. It also provides several health benefits as well, concerning: acid reflux, indigestion and your skin. To name a few.

Let’s go over the 15 tips and tricks one by one, and turn this widely used powder into something mystical.

1 – Whitens Your Teeth

Simply brush your teeth with some baking soda on the brush, the results will be staggering. Now don’t go too crazy with this, and only do it every third day or so.

2 – Softens Your Peas and Beans

Unsatisfied with your hard beans after hours of boiling? Use a dab of baking soda on the boiling water to quickly make them soft.

3 – Helps with Sunburn

You’re itchy and your body is filled with pain from being at the beach all day? The solution is simple: create a baking soda and water paste, and apply it on your sunburns before going to bed. Wake up the next morning with not pain or itchy parts.

4 – Helps with Tooth Abscess

A tooth ache can be only solved by going to a dentist. But what if you can’t afford to go right now? Baking soda can stop the pain until you find your time to go.

5 – Ultimate Jewellery Cleaner

Your rings have gone dull? Bring back the shine they had when you first bough them using some baking soda and water. Scrub the rings with the mixture and restore the pieces to their former glory.

6 – Makes your Fridge Less Smelly

Unable to get rid of an odor in your fridge when you’ve already taken care of the culprit? Simply put a bowl of baking soda in it for a couple days.

7 – Clothes Stain Remover

Rubbing some baking soda and water on a pesky, stubborn stain will probably remove it – if it’s not too serious.

8 – Softens the Skin

Unsatisfied with your rough skin on your feet or elbows? Simply rub some baking soda directly on there to soften it.

9 – No More Bad Breath

Simply gargle some baking soda and water to eliminate the bacteria that have claimed your mouth.

10 – Eliminate Stretch marks

Baking soda eliminates the appearance of stretch marks better than anything else.

11 – Great Looking Hair

Add some baking soda to your shampoo to give your hair a shine that it has never had before.

12 – Facial Scrub

Using baking soda to scrub your head regularly will make the skin smooth as a baby’s bottom. It removes blackheads, wrinkles and acne to name a few, and your face will be happy for it.

13 – Relieves Heartburn

Suffering from the most annoying cramp in your chest? Simply add a little tea-spoon of baking soda to a glass of water to relieve it.

14 – Treats Insect Bites

Simply rub some baking soda and water on the bite to relieve pain, swelling and irritation.

15 – Can be used as a Deodorant

Want to prevent body odor, but don’t want to use a commercial deodorant because of the chemicals that come with them? Simply apply a dab of baking soda and some water paste under your pits to manage your scent.