A 7-Day Workout Regime and Cucumber Diet That Melts Pounds Like Crazy

This remarkable cucumber diet and workout plan will work its magic in 7 to 10 days. Making it easy, quick and delicious!

There are times in our lives where we need to look presentable. An interview for a job, a wedding of one of your closest friends, a vacation with a girl you fancy. Occasions where looking slimmer would only help. And the best way to get said help, is by working out and keeping a diet.

There is one food that you can eat freely during this particular diet. Any guess as to which food that is? That’s right, the cucumber. You can have as much of this tasty veggie as you would like. It has great benefits, such as purifying your organism, cleaning your intestines, stimulating your metabolism and helping with your digestion.

There is no optimal way around it, so here’s some advice on how to intake the veggie.

For breakfast start with some yogurt with no added sugar and about 200g of cucumber. Add an apple or some peaches if this does not fill you as much as you’d like. For lunch a simple cucumber salad and sliced plain bread will do the trick. Mind you, you can munch on cucumbers, nuts, apples etc. as much as you like during the day. As for the dinner it’s rather simple really, simply have a fruit salad (you don’t have to have more cucumber) of around 300g. You can have any fruit you’d like for this.


As for the workout plan, it involves 6 exercises that work in tandem with the diet. Doing these while eating the previously mentioned diet will guarantee a substantial amount of weight loss in 7 to 10 days. The effectiveness of this plan and diet start to dwindle the longer you continue doing them. As the body will start to crave more. So keep that in mind as we go through each exercise.

1 – Cardio

As with any good workout plan, you have to have some cardio woven in there somewhere. For this specific regime you are required to have a workout bike, or treadmill or bounce rope. The idea of the cardio is rather simple:

  • 10 seconds going at 100%;
  • 20 seconds at 75; and
  • 3 minutes at 50%;

2 – Side Planks

Planking has seen rise in popularity as of late, as it has proven itself as a very useful workout technique. Strengthening nearly all of your needed muscles.

How to do a side plank: Start by laying down, then turn your body proportionally to any side. All the while keeping your knees in a straight position. Then, using your core, lift your body with the hand that is below your body, and outstretch your other hand to the sky. Keep this position as long as you can.

3 – Arm Raise Planks

Start this exercise with the standard push up position. Torso raised, hand holding it up off the floor. Then lower your elbows so they touch the floor. Keep this position, body parallel to the floor, elbows bent, and head down. Then raise one hand at hold it outstretched for a couple seconds (or as much as you’d like really) before returning to your previous position and repeating the process with your other hand.

4 – Push Ups

The oldest and most trustworthy exercise – the push up. We aren’t doing anything fancy for the exercise. Nothing militaristic or diamond shaped. Just your plain old pushups that your daddy thought you. Just remember to have your back as straight as possible and your feet as close as possible, for maximum effect.

5 – Platform

Another old favourite and a cousin to the famous plank. To start the exercise, lie down on the floor. Your feet need to be on level with the floor. Then raise your hips and put your elbows flat on the ground with your palms facing forward, hold for a minute as that, and then go back to the starting position.

6 – Step ups

The simplest of all these exercises. Simply start by standing before a sit and placing the left foot on it. Push your body so that your leg reaches a straight line. Then lower your body so that the right foot touches the floor.