Always Busy!!! The Workout for When You Are In a Hurry

Your day-to-day activities preventing you exercise? Here is a quick 30-minute workout that guarantees to get the job done.

I’m busy there’s no time

Keeping a productive, always on the go, lifestyle is not always what it’s cracked up to be. Some people neglect their bodies – and by extension their health – because they cannot find time to squeeze in some exercising activity in their busy day.

This article was made for just those people. A quick 30 minute workout that you can fit into any schedule, if you wanted to. The body needs care and attention in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Try making time each day for the workout. You will be healthier, and by extension happier and more fulfilled to do your pressing activities.

Can 30 minutes get you there

It’s all about molding the workout to fit your schedule. 30 minutes in the gym with some vague tips of what you should be doing can get the job done. You burn some calories and move some muscles.

As for your cardio, deciding on how much – if any – time you spend on it should be determined by how you spend your day. For starters, weight loss is just a balancing game. If you are running around all day burning energy and working up a sweat, you might not have the required energy resources to do a proper workout.

Skipping meals and not treating your body right can do some damage that not all workout regimes can fix. It doesn’t matter how much you run on the elliptical if you are not doing what’s needed the rest of the time.

Think of HIIT

A good high intensity workout or HIIT (high intensity interval training) on the treadmill, is sprinting for 30 second bursts, with minute-long walking ‘active rests’ in between, for 12 minutes. This will increase you heart rate, and make you burn calories for the next couple hours while you are back at work.

On the flip side, If its muscle mass and atrophy you’re after, you will burn calories (and continue burning them) while getting your gains. Why? Well, the goal is simple, hitting as many muscle fibers as possible is vital. This requires hard work and uses up your energy resources (burns calories). Hitting as many fibers requires you do some compound lifts. These work multiple joints and muscles.

Work your legs and core

The best way to burn calories comes down to working your legs, as this is where the largest portion of your muscle mass is. Presses and rows will use the most muscle groups to work your front and back muscles for an upper body workout. Stick to the following: Squats, Leg press, Trap bar, Bench press, Arnold press and Seated row.

We’re nearing the end of this article, so let’s get the minutia of standard workouts out of the way. Sets and reps. Time isn’t a luxury in this thirty minute session. It all depends on how much time you have to spare throughout the weak, you may want to choose the option of fewer sets and higher reps at a moderate weight. If time for the gym is looking sparse, try a heavy session with more sets and fewer reps (5×3) and cut one upper body workout and one from the lower body list.

Think of supplements

Last but not least is making sure you renew your energy reserves, which are vital to recovery and grow. While running, one of the more effective ways is with a whey isolate protein shake. This ensures you quick absorption of your protein and carbs when you need them.