Can Creatine Make You Fat?

Today we will talk about the proper usage and dosage of Creatine and answer an age old question: does it make you gain weight?

Does Creatine make you fatter?

So let’s get right into the meat of the issue. Can Creatine make you fatter? Or alternatively, make you belly bloat up with water? The simple answer is no. In fact scientific studies have suggested that the opposite is actually happening. Creatine is actually helping your body gain lean mass. So where does the misconception that it makes you fatter, or bloated with water, come from?

It starts from the fact that creatine does hold your water, but it actually does it from inside the muscle. Which is what we want. Because, in laments terms, we want water inside the cells, not outside of them. Our cells are made off of mostly water, after all.


Why do some people look more muscular than others while both of them are using creatine?

The thing to remember is, that if your body is already well defined, and is lean and muscular, creatine will only add to its shape. The only thing creatine does is bloat up your cells, hence muscles, hence body – making it rounder and giving off the impression of being more fit.

However, this goes both ways. If you aren’t lean, and there is too much soft-fat covering your muscles. Then there will be no additional muscle definition on the surface of your skin.

Another beauty about creatine is, that it helps you get lean in the first place! So if you aren’t shredded yet, just keep up the hard work and the results will come!

Benefits of Creatine

  • Increased power
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Allows for increased training frequency meaning more and faster muscle growth
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Decreased muscle damage
  • Decreased depression (yes even that!)

Other important creatine facts: Preloading, cycling and dosage

The saturation level that creatine needs to achieve inside your cells takes some time. So there are ways to inject it inside your system beforehand. Taking 20g for 5 days or 10g for 8-10 days could do the trick. An extra tip is splitting each dose into 5g chunks.

As for the dosage itself, 3 to 5 grams supplies daily year round is the preferred and accepted dosage method. And cycling is not really required since creatine does not lose its effect.

And in terms of types, we recommend the standard creatine monohydrate. No need to get fancy, this one is tried and tested and should work fine for anyone wanting to try the stuff out.