Clean Your Lungs! Natural Remedies for Removing Excess Phlegm

Too much Phlegm can cause a variety of problems. In this article we will talk about some natural remedies to reduce the Phlegm

Honey and Lemon

A common old-timey remedy that helps the body tremendously. As for what it does for your lungs, it softens and gives relief to sore and mucous filled canals, as well as killing a number of bacteria and fungus.

In addition, this mix has a lot of vitamin C which boosts your immunity. You can drink it in a number of ways, but we recommend using 2 tbsp of lemon and 1 tbsp of honey. Combine them together and drink the substance 3 times per day to remove congestion and infection.


Ginger is a decongestant and antihistamine, expectorant and remover of bacteria. And yes – as the title of this article suggests – it does in fact help with the removal of excess Phlegm.

How you consume the ginger is not very important, whether you drink ginger tea or eat slices of ginger its effectiveness will show regardless. We recommend drinking 3 cups of ginger tea and eating 4 slices of ginger daily.


You might have heard of this from your local doctor. Acv is arguably the best antibacterial cure out there. As such it helps greatly with the removal of unneeded Phlegm. Moreover, it keeps your pH levels at a high, healthy, level.



We recommend you intake 1 tbsp of acv with water daily. It is also recommended by several experts to gargle it as it will have similarly positive effects.


A rather known item in the health scene, it removes bacteria and is filled with curcuma. However, there is a lot of confusion as to how to ingest it. Our solution is you take 1 tbsp turmeric and a half tbsp salt and a glass of water. Add the turmeric first and stir the glass of water and turmeric mix, after it has been well stirred add the salt and stir again. Gargle 4 times daily to reduce phlegm.

This is a good place to also mention that gargling salt water by itself can help soothe the throat.


The best known way to loosen mucous. We recommend getting half a tbsp of rosemary, half tbsp thyme and 5 cups boiling water. Combine this into a mixture and inhale it 4 times a day.