Here Are 5 Things I Learned From a 2 Week Squats Workout

100 squats, each day, every day, for two weeks. In this article I will present my findings and what I learned from this challenge. Surprisingly not much changed – neither for my body or booty.

1 – It’s a Cardio Exercise First

Truth be told, if you did any exercise 100 times it would be considered cardio. Your heart-rate increases and your cardiovascular system gets a significant boost. In all honesty, after I did 50 squats I would feel the same way I felt after running around my block. After 100 squats my body felt like it was going to break apart, and I was completely and utterly drenched in sweat.

I am an experienced weight lifter, so I know a strength exercise when I’ve done one. This was not it. If you’re doing squats to make your backside look and feel better: you’re doing it wrong. If you are doing squats to increase your leg strength: you’re doing it wrong. If you are doing them as a form of a cardio exercise: you might be on to something.

2 – No Significant Change in My Butt

First of all for this challenge I was doing simple air-squats, no weights whatsoever. Secondly, sometime during the challenge I was advised to put on some weights on my lower body if I wanted to see an improvement in my thighs or butt. I did no such thing as this was a purely air-squat challenge. As it stands air-squats will do zip for your nether region. I took a picture before and after the challenge, and I could notice no difference in my butt or thighs.

3 – Increased Condition

Nearing the end of my challenge I noticed that I could run several extra miles on my treadmill. My lower body in general felt less tired after exercises, and I could do more with less rest.

Running on treadmill

These are clear factors of increased body condition. Which, when you think about it, is normal because as we previously mentioned: air-squats are just another form of cardio. Even though I did not get the desired results when it came to my booty, the overall feel of my body did in fact improve as the challenge went on.

4 – Did Not Help With My Strength Training

We already mentioned this several times, but I wanted to put an emphasis on it. During the middle of my challenge, I started doing my 100 squats before my lower-body strength training. For clarification, I did: glutes, hamstrings, and legs. I did this as a form of worm up for my lower-body before I put on the weights. And while there are many benefits to this workout, I am sad to say that easier strength training is not one of them. I saw no improvement whatsoever, and my workout proved just as challenging as before I started the challenge.

5 – It Became a Chore During The End

Since I wasn’t adding any weights, while doing the same amount of squats each day, my body adapted to the new movements remarkably quickly. During the final days of my challenge, I was producing less sweat and felt like I was accomplishing very little with my time spent.

At any rate,try air-squats they are nice combination, and you should definitely consider doing them.

Not, however, if you want to improve your butt.