Lose Your Belly Fat in 10 Days with These 6 Methods

Let’s say you only have two weeks until your summer vacation. And you are not satisfied with how your body looks at all. There still might be hope! With these tips and tricks!

1 – Go on a no salt diet

Sodium is bad in large amounts, especially for losing that unwanted fat. If you are a person that likes the additional dab of salt on each of your meals, you might want to slow down a bit. The sodium is contributing directly to you unhealthy figure. It doesn’t matter how hard you work out, it doesn’t matter what substances you drink. If you don’t watch your salt intake, all of that effort will go to waste. We suggest eating half a tea-spoon of salt a day, at the maximum. Try to follow this tip, and you just might see some magical results in 10 days.

2 – Less carbohydrates

Bread and pasta are a part of almost everyone’s eating habits. However carbs are, most of the time, the main reason behind weight gain. And while some are suspicious about these claims, the science has come in strong. It has been confirmed that carbs are not the friends of weight loss most people thought a decade ago, and are in fact the enemy. Our tip here is try to settle on a more protein filled diet, and skip on the extra slice of bread during lunch.

3 – Less spices less fat

Most of us enjoy the occasional Mexican meal. Hot and spicy is delicious, but it is also harmful. Since these types of food create additional acid refluxes, which in turn can cause a number of potential digestive complications. Barring any additional health issues that this might cause, it will for certain stammer your weight loss efforts as it creates a sizeable amount of fat. Our advice is to lessen the intake of herbs and spices in your diet. The results will speak for themselves.

4 – Consume less milk

Do you indulge in a healthy amount of milk drinking daily? Well it just so happens that that ‘healthy’ amount is not so healthy after all, at least when it comes to losing weight. Milk has been shown to add a few pounds, especially when it is taken regularly. Instead, we recommend you try out some fat-free yogurt to quench your thirst. Your body will be happier for it.

5 – Say no to alcohol, sugar and coffee


All of the foods that we listed actually add to the fat deposits. So it is best that you just ignore them entirely. We aren’t even talking about lessening the amount you ingest into your body. Try quitting them altogether for a period of time, you will notice a significant difference, and thank us for it.

6 – The right fruits

We carefully chose the naming here. Fruits are healthy, and we aren’t saying you should stop taking them. What we are saying is to choose which ones you prioritise. Fruits from the berry and circus family will produce no slip ups in your weight loss journey. However, apples and pears should be on the bottom scale when it comes to which fruit you should enjoy. This is because of the unwanted sugar levels that these fruits carry. And high sugar-level is the last thing you ant to here when trying to lose some weight.