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    Medical Marijuana got Legal Status in Mexico

    Last December the bill was supported by a number of participants in the Mexican Senate and it was passed on with a 98-7 vote while on April 28 the Lower House of Congress voted 371 in favor of the bill, with only 7 politicians voting against it or abstaining. The rest was up to the […]

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    5 Weed Themed Movies On Netflix You Can Watch Right Now

    However, there are numerous weed-related movies, documentaries and TV-shows which will give you a hard time finding them but this handy will keep your thoughts busy for some time. 1. Super High Me (2008) A documentary by Dough Benson, a standup comedian and marijuana user, documents thirty days of pot free living and thirty days […]

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    National Jewish Health Researchers Discovered Possible Trigger for Autoimmune Disease

    National Jewish Health researchers published a breakthrough discovery in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (the April 2017 issue) where a possible trigger for autoimmune diseases such as lupus, Crohn`s disease and multiple sclerosis has been discovered. Researchers briefly elaborated why women are more prone to autoimmune diseases than men and presented their newly found therapy […]

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    Concussions have long lasting side effects, research finds

    During the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Annual Meeting in 2013 a research was conducted which proved that people suffering from brain injuries live with a severe damage to the brain caused by concussions. Shortly after the study was published, 4,000 former football players sued the National Football League for failing to […]

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    Aging process can be restored by Cannabis

    Scientists at the University of Bonn together with colleagues at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) carried out a study which proved that more than a two-month-old mice with the help of a cannabis active ingredient were able to regress to the state of two-month-old mice. As the results were presented in the journal Natural […]

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    Big Pharma On The Run To Lose $15,5 Billion If All 50 States Legalize Medical Marijuana

    In the legal medical states the usage of essential prescription drugs is already down by 11 %. The National Academies of Science have shown their interest to closely monitor the cases where different conditions have been effectively treated with medical marijuana concluding that each condition has a substitute of high-profit pharmaceuticals. Chronic pain, post-traumatic stress […]

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    UT Health Team Makes Cure for Diabetes by Cells Grown Inside Mice

    The research made at the University of Texas Health Science Center, now called UT San Antonio proved that their innovative technique stimulates the cells within the pancreas that emit insulin. The Scientists` plan is to conduct human clinical trials over the next three years but first they would have to test the $5 million technique […]

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    5 surprising effects of caffeine on our health

    Coffee is the first thing people reach out to when they get up in the morning, and come to think about it, it’s one of the constant values in every coffee consumer in the world! Ah, all the things that connect people. Approximately 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, according to the […]

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    Be Aware of the Dangerous but Silent Killer Nowadays – the Wi-Fi

    Beside its popularity you should know that Wi-Fi uses radio waves to give you the intended internet connection. To link with the wireless routers, many wireless devices including lap tops, cell phones, and tablets utilize electromagnetic waves. Their construction couples with serious safety standards. This article explains their safety and advices you on your protection. […]