The 9 Exercises That Will Finally Give You Those Six-Pack Abs

Still not satisfied with your figure? Your belly fat annoying you? Try out these 9 exercises, they just might be the key to that six-pack you’ve always dreamed of.

Some of you might be asking yourself ‘what’s a six pack?’ In laymen’s terms, it’s having all your ab muscles. Clearly and easily distinguishable from one another. There are six of these, hence the term six-pack.

Which are these muscles? Well they are divided into two groups: external abdominal obliques and internal abdominal obliques. The external obliques are positioned on top and are those muscles you feel on your side, just under your arm. Whereas the internal obliques are deeper muscles that lie underneath your external obliques.

There are several others in fact, but there is no use in naming them here. What’s important to remember is that no one move will train the many muscles found on your stomach. That’s why this list exists, to train the fully and give you the desired six-pack.

1 – Roll Back

– Start with sitting up straight, feet flat on the mat and knees bent at 90 degrees

– Pull your torso close to your thighs, reaching your arms forward at shoulder level with palms firmly down.

– Exhale, draw navel toward the spine and curve it into a “C” shape.

– Inhale and realign the spine, straightening up.

2 – Twisting Roll Back

– Start with a “C” position with arms extended forward,

– Twist your torso to one side, bend one elbow pulling it back at shoulder level while reaching another arm to the opposite knee.

– Reach both arms forward, return to the starting position.

– Repeat on another side.

3 – Sit-Ups with a Medicine Ball

– To start, lie on the floor with knees bent, all the while holding a medicine ball overhead,

– Raising from core back to a sitting position, keeping the ball over head.

4 – Kneeling Crunch

– Start by kneeling with the right arm firmly stabilized under the shoulder,

– Reaching with your left arm forward, at shoulder level, and right leg back at hip height.

– Exhale, contracting abs, and round back up to the sky while bringing elbow to knee,

– Repeat on another side.

5 – Dead Bug

– Starting position has you laying on your back with legs raised, calves parallel to the floor and knees bent over hips.

– Extend the arms to the heavens and pull the abs tight, bringing navel to spine.

– Exhale and lower the opposite arm and leg toward the ground and raise remaining knee in over chest.

– Keep the low back connected to the ground at all times

– Repeat on another side.

6 – Lunge Split Jabs

– Start with a position that has you standing with the feet in a staggered stance (left foot in front of the right),

– Lower your body into a split squat.

– Jump up and scissor-kick legs,

– Land with right leg forward and lower body into a split squat.

7 – Toe Dip

– Start by sitting tall with both knees bent in front

– Lean back onto your elbows with shoulders down and together and tightening abs, slid hands under lower back

– Raise the legs while knees are bent over hips with calves parallel to the ground, inhale and dip toes to the floor, maintain right angles at the knees.

– Exhaling return to starting position.

8 – Bicycle Crunches

– Starting involves with lying flat on the floor with your lower back pressing the floor. Pull your abs downward to target your deep abs muscles. Put hands behind head.

– Bringing the knees in towards chest, lift your shoulder blades off the ground and straighten the right leg out a 45-degree angle, turn your upper body to the left and bringing right elbow toward the left knee at the same time.

– Move your rib cage and elbows simultaneously.

– Repeat on opposite side.

9 – The “Jean-Zip”

– Start by standing with hands on your hips

– Do this exercise at any time throughout the day.

– This move engages deep abdominal muscle to flatten the stomach