Unproductive? – Here’s Your Guide To Productivity

Unproductive? Unable to get your day started? The old cliché of ‘just do it’ might seem annoying, but allow me to tell you some things that might change your mind.

A lot of people nowadays have problems with procrastinating. And some would even claim it is inevitable. How can you have a focused mind with all of the entertainment and information only a few clicks away on the internet?

Well, something very important to remember is that thinking about doing your work, often taxes you more than actually doing said work. You bog down your interests with thoughts that are trivial at best, settling for a quick and cheap thrill while doing something else instead of something you actually can work on and enjoy.

With that being said, the simplest answer is often the right one, and that’s the case here. Simply convince yourself to work for 10 minutes. That’s it! Just ten minutes of work. You will find that your productivity will skyrocket.

How? Why? Well, it is simple. You are basically tricking – no, forcing – your brain to stop wandering about and thinking about nonsensical minutia and concentrate on the actually ask in front of you. If you don’t start doing it, you will never start it. Convincing yourself that you will work only 10 minutes has a much higher chance of getting you to work, than thinking about how much work you have.

I have found that in most cases, if you actually enjoy what you are doing you won’t stop after those 10 minutes are over. You will get caught up in the work and stop stressing about how much there is of it, or how long it will take you to finish. The rhythm of what you’re doing will sweep you away and make you forget about the trivial YouTube video you wanted to watch.

Don’t you hate it when you know you want to do something, but just fall into the trap of watching another episode of that TV show you don’t actually like all that much. And then the next day you will feel bummed and disappointed because you wasted your time? That is a dangerous trail of thoughts that can even lead to depression if you are not careful.

You can always find excuses, excuses are easy and you shouldn’t cling to them. Sure, you might have had a bad night’s sleep, the neighbor’s cat peed on your welcome mat, the pizza slice you were saving was eaten by your little sister. You might not feel like doing it. But that feeling is just your brain focusing on the wrong things, and the tragic thing is you are not even giving it a chance to focus on what matter – getting the job done.

Hence. Just start. Doesn’t matter if you actually work 10 minutes, those are 10 minutes that you wouldn’t have worked anyway. And who knows? You might not stop. There is no doing without trying, and there are a lot of worse reasons to trick your brain than trying to be productive.

4 Tips for Staying Motivated About Exercising

Unable to get off the couch and do some push-ups? Here are a couple suggestions that will get you up and exercising.

First and foremost, you won’t get anywhere if you dread every time you think about working out. Hating the activity will only worsen the situation for you. So the first lesson to learn is to have fun. Arguably, having fun is the best motivator for a lot of things, not just exercising, but when your body struggles and suffers (which it does during any workout) the fun factor is even more important.

1. Switching up the workout program: Actually having a regime or program is a good first step. Switching up your exercises and doing different and new things. Staying faithful to the same routine can only make it more boring for you, especially when you lack motivation.

2. Joining a group or gym: Another sure fire way to get you more motivated and pumped up about working out is joining some community driven activity. Such as your local gym or a fitness group. It’s a proven fact that doing something with others is more appealing to most than doing it by yourself. It might prove the changing factor to a consistent workout.

3. Knowing and tracking a goal: Having a goal is vital in almost everything you do, same goes for exercising. Setting up a bar for you to reach, and then tracking your progress towards reaching it, is a great way to staying motivated. Mark your weight loss each weak see how far you’ve come. You will be surprised at how motivating those numbers on the paper could be.

4. Choose what works for you: There are many different ways to stay physically fit, chose the one that works out for you. Whether it be a specific group or solo sport, an intimate activity such as yoga or rock climbing, or the simple yet effective push-up: whatever works for you.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and start doing something!