Want to Have a Flat Belly? Here are 7 Food Types You Should Avoid!

Unsatisfied with your diet or workout regime results? Have you ever considered that the culprit might be the very types of energy you keep ingesting into your body? Here are 7 foods to avoid if you finally want to achieve that flat-belly.

01 – Dairy Products

Milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products are rich with calcium, a mineral that is essential in keeping your body healthy. Getting a steady supply of calcium through your food is recommended, however milk and other dairy products also contain lactose. What’s lactose? Well, for dissolving sugar, our body must have the correct enzymes. And, unfortunately, a big percentage of people don’t have said enzyme.

So these people always run into problems when consuming dairy products as they become hard to digest and can cause stomach problems. Perhaps you are also one of these people. Consult your local doctor to find out if you should be skipping that morning chocolate milk you like so much. A replacement to your diet might be mandatory if you lack the needed enzymes.

02 – Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – or so they say. Believe it or not, the most famous fruit is not always the “go-to” healthy snack it makes itself out to be. Apples are known to cause bloating and other digestion problems. They are also known for having plenty of needed vitamins and minerals, as well as healthy antioxidants. So try to find a middle-ground: consume only baked apples or steamed with a pinch of cinnamon that will help with the digestion. A cooked apple is easier to digest than a fresh one – and the extra effort in making it will pay off in staving off possible future digestion problems.

03 – Garlic

Garlic, another healthy food that has been praised for its vitamins and antioxidants by chefs and doctors alike. Unfortunately, as with apples, they can cause bloating or digestion problems. This is even more staggering when you realize how little garlic we actually consume. Many doctors have ensured that replacing garlic with suitable fresh herbs can successfully replace it in your diet, without you missing it much.

04 – Legumes

It is a well-known fact the legumes can cause bloating and gas, as they are rich in fiber – and fiber as with any sustenance has its consequences. Something to remember is that lighter colored legumes come with milder side effects. Regardless, if you want a flat stomach, legumes are most certainly something you should be avoiding at all cost.

05 – Salt

A well-known culprit too many bodily failures. Salt is needed to keep the balance of liquids in the body. However, ingesting too much of the stuff will mean the body stops retaining water. Which in turn leads to bloating and swelling.

06 – Wheat

Wheat becomes a real problem if you happen to be gluten intolerant. It can cause serious digestion problems like bloating, gas, abdominal pain and even diarrhea. Check your local doctor to see whether you are or aren’t, as it might be the reason behind your stomach problems. If you are sure you are not in this group of people however, then you have nothing to worry about and can partake in this healthy snack at your leisure.

07 – Fast Food

The most common and well known perpetrator to the flat-belly syndrome. Although well-known, it is without a doubt the biggest reason behind you not having your flat belly, so it deserves a mention if nothing else. Fast foods is high on saturated fats most of the time. Sugar, additives and chemicals. It can cause stomach cramps and bloating, to name only a few. Not to mention a variety of digestion problems that can cause all sorts of complication to your health. If you want a flat belly, fast food is the first thing to quit.